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At FriendLoan, we give fast loans at reasonable rates to deserving borrowers. We use Machine Learning to understand the customer and credit rate him/her in real time. This enables us to have a paper-less process and fast disbursals in a few minutes.

Only 20% of India’s population has PAN cards and only about 3% pay income tax. The 80% of the population without PAN cards are practically invisible to banks. And, of the remaining 20%, only the 3% that pay income tax get sufficiently funded by banks. The rest 97% are either unbanked or underbanked. Of this, more than 50% are above the poverty line.

Banks and financial technology haven’t grown as fast as the tech industry. Except for a few efficiency improvements like ATM, e-banking and mobile banking, there is little the banks have evolved over the last several decades.

FriendLoan is a completely fresh look at how lending can be done if we have to design it from scratch today. The result is an ultra-efficient tech lending platform.

Mission: To provide sufficient amount of loan to borrowers at reasonable rates, in the quickest possible time and with the least possible amount of work.

Vision : To be among the top 5 banks in the country by lending portfolio size before 31st December 2024.


Mr. Vijayakumar Vaidhyanathan CEO

Mr. Vijayakumar has more than 10 years of leadership experience in growing technology companies through innovation, strategic steering and execution. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, he is an expert in network technologies, Algorithms and mathematical modeling.His past research includes optimization of transport protocols over lossy and wireless media and improving network application characteristics over high delay channels like satellite. He is also experienced in Linux kernel coding and device driver development.

He actively involves himself in projects that have a social impact. Some of the projects he has led has helped the government curb subsidized ration rice and kerosene theft and in identifying tax evaders. Prior to FriendLoan, he was the founder and CEO of Voicegear Networks.

Ms. Madhu Gayathri, Director of Technology

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, she brings with her valuable expertise in cutting edge security technology. Her research encompasses guaranteed security in a multi-party communication environment. She has done her undergraduate in electrical and electronics engineering and post-graduate in Computer Science with research in network security. She is also experienced in hardware design. She is a good team-builder. She is well versed in many computer programming languages and is an expert in designing large and complex software systems.

She heads the Technology in FriendLoan. She has good foresight into what is required for tomorrow’s industry and has been very successful in focusing research in those areas and bringing out solutions. She ensures delivery of the right solution at the right time.


Vijayakumar Vaidhyanathan

Madhu Gayathri

Pradeep E T

Rajesh Kumar

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