Sampathi Credits Private Limited

FriendLoan is a lending App that facilitates the borrowers to get personal loans.

FriendLoan will have to provide your information to one or more Credit Bureaus(Transunion CIBIL, Equifax, CRIF, Experian) to check you credit worthiness  and for reporting loan performance. You provide FriendLoan Technologies Private Limited and its lending partners explicit consent to share subset of your data required for querying the credit bureaus for getting your credit score.

The personal loan finance agreed to between the customers and FriendLoan would be governed by the following most important terms and conditions.. The customer would be given the copy of the loan agreement with these Terms and Conditions in English. These terms are also explained to the customers in the mobile App.

Terms Mentioned in the Loan Document.

    1. Customer Name
    1. Sanctioned Amount
    1. Rate of Interest
    1. Tenure
    1. EMI Amount
    1. Due Date
    1. Processing Fees
  1. Late  Payment Fee and Bounce Charges

For further queries and any grievances customer can reach us at the below address.

Relations Manager,
Sampathi Credits Pvt. Ltd.
109,A-3, 4th Floor, C Block,
Parsn Paradise Apt,
G.N. Chetty Road,T-Nagar,
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,
India – 600 017